Corporate Membership

Creating a positive relationship between work and family for employees creates a more profitable, happy and productive workforce.

Through supporting parents-to-be through the biggest life transition they are likely to experience will create a more, happy, focused and successful.

Why City Antenatal Classes?

Our focus is on alleviating the stress that is often involved in dealing with the practical and emotional challenges of juggling family commitments with a successful career. We achieve this by supporting professional women and men in the transition to parenthood, and by ensuring they are fully prepared for their return to workplace.

Our Antenatal and Beyond programme offers -

  • Specialist advice and support at times and locations conducive to professional women in the City.
  • Antenatal and Postnatal classes covering a variety of essential and specialist topics, allowing parents to be to address specific areas of concern.
  • Optional Childcare consultations with the option of organising all forms of Ofsted compliant childcare.

Our approach is intelligent and practical. We understand that no one person or birth is the same. We use up-to-date research and evidence-based approaches to enable individuals to make informed choices in regards to their birth and childcare.

Why us?

Our multi agency team of highly respected childcare and maternity specialists are experts in their fields and include sleep specialists, lactation consultants, midwives, health visitors, maternity nurses, paediatricians and well-being professionals. All practitioners have a wealth of experience supporting parents in the public and private sector.

We specialise in childcare: It’s widely reported that childcare is their biggest concern when returning to work. Through our training agency Babyem, we are uniquely positioned in that we have trained over 3000 childcare and health professionals to the highest level. This allows us to source high quality childcare for parents.

Our antenatal and postnatal sessions go beyond the normal antenatal classes and provide the kind of information new parents wish they had known beforehand.

Supporting parents-to be to make the right choices for their needs: We believe strongly in supporting individuals to make the right choice for their family. Our role is to ensure parents to be are fully equipped for this new chapter in their lives.

A healthy return on investment

Employees who feel valued work better. Supporting employees through one of the most important transitions of their lives, having a baby and in the early stages, will make employees feel valued and better able to combine work and family commitments.

Through supporting individuals in this exciting and at times challenging time will -

  • Reduced time off work
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased retention of employees through offering family friendly benefit scheme
  • Improved greater self-esteem and lower stress levels

We offer a range of packages to support companies of any size make a healthy investment in supporting their parents to be and new parents.