CANARY WHARF Antenatal Classes

Starting in the final trimester, our classes cover everything you need to know to feel confident and prepared for labour and birth. We also provide guidance on how to fine-tune yourself physically and emotionally in preparation for the big day and the months that follow.  This is the kind of advice you will not find elsewhere. 

Sessions at convenient times

Sessions take place in the heart of Canary Wharf and are ideal for busy professionals. As well as convenience, we offer specialist advice from a renowned team of healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields. Classes consist of 4 lunchtime classes (1 hour) for women only, as well as 2 evening classes (2.5 hours) where partners are welcome to attend. The course is divided in this way as we believe that some topics are more easily discussed in an all female environment. 

The small groups enable participants to discuss in detail any area of concern with expert attention.

Follow on email support

We are also able to provide email support between sessions and are able to answer any ongoing questions and concerns.


We appreciate that for some it may be more appropriate or convenient to have a private course take place at their home. The duration and frequency of private classes can be tailored to what suits you best. Please contact us for further information. Prices on application.

canary wharf antenatal Course Details

Location: 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR (2 minutes from Canary Wharf underground tube station).

6 week course: £475

April / May 2015 - Fully booked

September  / Oct 2016 course - dates 9th September - 14th October - Fully booked

November / December 2016 course - dates 4th November - 9th December - Fully booked

2017 dates - February 2017 - dates TBC (please contact us for more information)

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Introduction and Your Birth Options

This one hour lunch time session is led by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Beth Graham. We will be joined by expert Nutritionist Melanie Brown and former Olympian and personal trainer Linda Hedenstrom to discuss how to look after yourself in the final trimester.

Welcome and introductions
• Individual expectations from the course and particular concerns.

Looking after yourself in the final trimester
• Explore how to take care of your body. Meet the City Antenatal wellbeing team who are able to answer any queries you may have regarding nutrition, exercise during pregnancy and optimal sleep positions.

Birth options
• Understanding of different birth options and choices, and the difference between a labour ward and a birth centre. Midwife versus Obstetric-led care.

Having your Baby (Partners encouraged to attend)

This session explores what happens when you have your baby, the practical signs and stages of labour, the role of the birth partner, optimal birthing positions and pain relief. This evening session led by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant Beth Graham.

Normal labour, signs and stages of labour and role of the birth partner
• Signs of when you are in labour and the importance of early labour
• Knowing when to go into hospital
• Birth Plans - knowing what to add and how to use it
• Your Baby's apgar score and Vitamin K
• The role of your birth partner

Birth positions, breathing and pain relief in labour
• Best birthing positions and exploration of breathing techniques to help with labour and self-help coping strategies
• We explore a range of natural pain relief including TENS machines, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, hypnobirthing, visualisation, exercises as well as medical pain relief, e.g. epidurals.

What If…

In this session we will explore potential challenges that may be encountered. This lunchtime session is led by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Beth Graham.

Potential challenges encountered during labour:
• Understanding of the potential twists and turns including induction, episiotomy, assisted delivery, ‘failure’ to progress and emergency c-sections.
• We will also be looking at the pros and cons of various interventions and choices you can make.

Feeding the Baby in the First week

In this session we will explore infant feeding, how to get it working effectively from the start, and how to do it! This lunch time session is led by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Beth Graham.

What to expect when breastfeeding and how to get yourself off to a good start.
• How to work with your baby to get things off to a good start.
• How milk is made and how to stimulate a good supply.

The practicalities - how to breastfeed effectively!

• Practically looking at the different breastfeeding positions and how to get your baby to latch on to the breast for optimal feeding.
• Positions of the mum - setting yourself up to feel comfortable and relaxed.
• What to expect from your baby - normal feeding behaviours and feeding cues.
• Getting through it and seeking encouragement.

Fine-Tuning Feeding

In this session we will look at how to fine-tune feeding, including common breastfeeding challenges. We will also be looking at creating a gentle feeding routine, pumping and feeding options (including formula feeding). This lunch time session is led by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Beth Graham.

A sleepy baby and an unsettled baby:
• Creating a gentle routine for the first week to generate better sleep for all.

Pumping and equipment:
• Expressed bottle milk storage.
• Recommended pumps and materials.
• Nipple confusion.

Common breastfeeding challenges:
• Common breastfeeding problems including engorgement and how to deal with this.
• Knowing when to see a specialist and where to find them.

Fourth Trimester (Partners encouraged to attend)

In this practical session we will look at what happens in the 1st hour after birth and life as a new family. This evening session is led by Lyndsey Hookway, an experienced Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor, Lactation Consultant and Sleep Consultant.

The first weeks at home:
• Role of the health professionals (Health Visitor and GP) and when you see them for the newborn screening and when to register the baby’s birth.

Looking after yourself:
• Coping with sleep deprivation
• Baby blues and postnatal depression - signs and where to seek support
• Pelvic floor exercises and how to do them
• Expectations of parenthood, making time for each other and how partners can help

Caring for your newborn:
• Handling, soothing, dressing, bathing, changing babies and skin care
• Baby illness – when to worry and when not to

Establishing gentle (and sustainable) sleep and feeding routines from the start:
• How to establish a gentle and flexible routine

Support networks and childcare:
Where to find support networks online and in your local area.
• Childcare – sleep specialists and Maternity Nurses and Doulas and Nannies

Reserve your place

We understand the significance of a personal relationship. In order to best meet your specific requirements, please submit your details here and one of the City Antenatal team will give you a ring within 24 hours to discuss your registration. 

Places are limited to 8 people, early booking recommended.